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06-10-2010, 08:27 AM
I have used reversing rings for years and although with my 28mm and 50mm lens they worked well the main problem was there is no focus and one has just one set distance from subject and one area covered so cropping or panorama is needed to extend range.
However I bought a 85 to 210 zoom lens which by look has same filter size as 28mm lens so I thought I would give it a go.
What a surprise, the focus still did near nothing, but the zoom control allowed me to focus from around 3" to infinity and beyond.
Trying my 18 to 55mm lens holding open the aperture with finger I also found the zoom did do some focus but in this case from around 2" to 6" because the aperture needs holding open with lens that came with camera it is not easy to use with reversing filter so I had not been temped to use it.
I wonder will all Zoom lenses allow focus with the zoom control?
For still life the close up filters still seem easy option but with insects to get camera too close means they fly off and the reversing ring and 85 to 210 lens does offer the ability to back off from flower so bee has a chance to land. Over the 5' the lens will focus to as standard is of course no gain but even 1' is enough to allow a bee to land and although with 400mm lens and bellows I have been able to do this in past the reversed 85 to 210 zoom is far more compact.
All I need now is for rain to stop to try it all out.
Would be interesting to hear about any others using reversing rings with zoom lenses and how they found them to use?
I hope once sun comes out to take some pictures.

06-10-2010, 09:44 AM
We are going back many years....but I've tried this with a zoom (70-200).
With the lens I had I believe I was unable to focus using the focusing ring or zoom and had to move the lens physically closer/farther away to the object.

It did work though and i got excellent magnification, but it was a hassle to use.