View Full Version : Just a little walk in Turin...

06-25-2010, 04:44 AM
Hello there... here will go some of my shots... more will come....

Here is my hometown in Italy, during one of my last walks around with my Canon 450D there will be probably 4 post about this walk!
Let’s go with the first…..

http://www.artphotoasia.net/_sharing/_MG_0013 copy.jpg

http://www.artphotoasia.net/_sharing/_MG_0017 copy.jpg

http://www.artphotoasia.net/_sharing/_MG_0018 copy.jpg

http://www.artphotoasia.net/_sharing/_MG_0020 copy.jpg

http://www.artphotoasia.net/_sharing/_MG_1000 copy.jpg

refer here for more photos and the complete jobs:
Turin 3 ( http://www.artphotoasia.net/album_photos_italy/turinshots3.php)