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07-04-2010, 03:14 PM
Which point & shoot camera ???
I have been looking at a few cameras but I cannot decide which is the best overall – I have narrowed my choice down to 2 cameras the Sony HX5 & the Panasonic ZS7.

I will list all that is important to me & then ask any of you who have some knowledge of these cameras & the features of cameras in general to give me any opinions you may have. I should mention I have a Canon SX1 IS but I am looking a smaller /lighter camera to carry around in my pocket or briefcase. If there is another small camera that you can recommend , please do.

The main features I am looking for are.

- Good image quality

- Good in low light

- The burst rate is a so/so of importance– (I am not as concerned as long as the other features are there)

- Zoom & wide angle (both cameras seem to have that.

- Macro focus (I have heard that the Panasonics is the better one).

- The movie function is of lesser importance to me , but it is always nice to have a reasonable one with good sound.

- The GPS is of even lesser importance to me (I would only use that when traveling which I only do once every 1-3 years).

- My hands are of medium to large in size (I mention this as holding cameras in the shop is NOT the same as actually using them day to day) as most of you know.

This is one of the review websites that I have looked at.
: Digital Photography Review (http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/compare_post.asp)

Thanks Craig

11-09-2010, 01:33 AM
I should say that while fewer DPS readers use Point and Shoot digital cameras – more point and shoot models were mentioned than DSLR models. (75 Point and Shoots vs 28 DSLRs). This is simply because the digital camera manufacturers release a lot more cameras aimed at this market than they do DSLRs. For example Canon tends to release between 2 – 4 new or updated DSLRs a year but announces 20 or so point and shoot cameras.