View Full Version : Tas-Embers in the Sky - Panorama

Mad Aussie
07-17-2010, 04:16 AM
On our way out along the Tasman Peninsula we were simply blessed with this offering from nature ... wonderful sunrise over Boomer and Marion Bays near Dunalley, Tasmania.

This is a 6 shot pano ...


Large version ... please excuse the watermark ... I wanted to protect it a little seeing as it's a large size.
Embers in the Sky - Large Version (http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4078/4800774255_d7eda5bab7_o.jpg)

Mad Aussie
07-17-2010, 06:04 AM
A few moments later when the sun had risen fractionally further ...


The version in the post above is a bit large so this isn't so huuuuuge :headslap:
Larger Version (http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4082/4801551302_b4eff650fd_o.jpg)

07-17-2010, 06:47 AM
Holy Shhhhhhhhheeeeeiiiiittte this is striking...I wanna nominate it before anybody else beats me to it! :highfive: WTG MA! :clap:

I think I have sunset envy..... :sad:

Mad Aussie
07-17-2010, 03:15 PM
SunRISE envy ;)

Thanks Casil. It really was the most awesome sunrise I've ever seen. Both Leanne and I were standing there watching it change and simply couldn't help saying out loud how beautiful we thought it was.