View Full Version : Ya just gotta luv Kijiji

Matt K.
07-30-2010, 08:28 PM
Sometimes, when I am good and bored, I go on kijiji, just to see what's up in the photography section of it. People are selling gear, wanting to buy gear, but best of all, wanting or offering services. Some of these are just too much.

Here is one of them, under "Photographers wanted"

"I am a semi amateur photographer that has reliantly moved to Calgary area. I’m work on build my portfolio. I am looking for some people that would up to doing modeling for me;
I’m looking for both male and female models. In return the modeling I offer a disc with a copy of all photos taken of the model"

I did not know that there are semi amateur photographers :footinmou but then again, the other half of a semi professional would be the semi amateur.:wall-an: