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07-30-2010, 09:45 PM
Will I buy a mac product! The Imac quad is nothing more than a turbo charged Atari. It's had more issues in seven weeks than my last XP box had in THREE years! But I now understand the worship and the cult of it all. If one is not chock full of technical aptitude then one must relinquish power to a system that requires one to know and understand very little hence the phrase "It just goes" just don't try doing any actual steering because the auto pilot will slap your face:D The magic mouse should have 666 stamped on its base, it's like a track pad from hell! If your tech savvy, a logical thinker and not prone to porn site visits, then the $2500.00 you might spend on an Imac will buy you a full on PC that will run rings around an Imac any day of the week. I allow myself $2,000.00 every two years for computer upgrades....I blew it this time but I'm sooo counting the days when I can gut this silly Imac and turn it into a fish tank!

I should have read this pre purchase:headslap:

Macs suck link (http://www.mac-sucks.com/switch_why.php)

07-30-2010, 10:46 PM
I guess for what you running there , you should buy the Mac Desktop Pro.
I have my iMac COre 2 Duo, 17", from 2006 and I run on it LR3, PS5, Aperture 3, EOS Utility, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Microsoft Office 2008, scanner, printer, video calls, movies etc
But never crashed (oh actually once or twice because of the World of Warcraft, but after an update everything was fine) because of system malfunction or hdd errors.

I don't know what to say. I'm sorry for your Mac experience.

07-30-2010, 11:35 PM
All I'm doing is visiting and posting to this and a couple of other forums, checking e-mail and doing post in PS. I have in no way turned up the heat yet. The Imac shut itself down a while back due to overheating ( my studio can get warm on hot days, cats sprawled out seemingly dead on the floor, salty sweat in ones eyes, that sort of thing. So I download smcfancontrol for manual control of the onboard fans, then all was cool. I couldn't help but wonder why miss Imac didn't ramp the fans herself? It's working better today as I did a huge disk repair but given what I put it through, I wonder why it needed such a repair? Don't know about windows 7 but win XP kicks Snow Leopard to the curb in my books:headslap:

PS....The side loading CD/DVD drive has left serious scratches on many of my disks, you can hear the disk grinding against metal sometimes. It would have been a simple flaw to address from the get go. This is xbox 360 gibberish in my books. Google it for more cases of the same flaw.

PSS...Ironically, if I boot the machine up in Win XP it behaves like a gem...Zero issues! This leads me to conclude the hardware is rapid! The screen is awesome too! Maybe I was in error somewhat. The Imac itself is not the culprit. I must find a way to forget SL as an OS and just use it as a foundation for bootcamp :D I think my next box will be a top of the world PC with a 30" Apple Cinema display, one can't deny the pure awesomeness of Apple display technology :thumbup:

PSS.... And no freakin Blu-ray support!!!!!!