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08-20-2010, 03:31 PM

I pretty much have all of August off and the last part of July is slow so lots of opportunity to try and get out and take some photos. But what a bad summer for it! Almost everyday is rainy or overcast. I have returned from the river soaking wet a couple of times due to getting caught in a sudden downpour and once a hailstorm. :(.

Yesterday was sunny right up until it poured rain but you would not have known due to heavy smoke in the area from forest fires in B.C. The smoke really is heavy. It smells like a campfire outside.

Still, people were out jogging etc. I think you can see the smoke in this photo.

Yesterday, I was down on the river cycling paths and for the first time saw a garter snake there. I did not photograph it and was quite happy actually that it scooted away. Later on, down at Eau Claire Market I saw a baby sparrow that had fallen out of its nest. It had feathers but could not fly yet. The mother was up on a wire nearby. There is a staircase there and birds build there nests under neath in the rafters. I saw a pigeon sitting on eggs. Anyway, motorcycles park under the stairway and I was afraid the little bird would get run over or stepped on and tried to move him to a safer place. Poor little guy. I did not try to photograph it either. I was more concerned at getting it safe. Just for a second I thought about taking him home and taking care of him till he was bigger. But who am I kidding? If I took him home, he would become a pet and I already have two birds, so I let him be. Lol, there are people out there that are adamant that house sparrows are the scourge of the world and advocate destroying their nests and killing their babies. :sad:

The smoke outside is pretty bad and I worry about my birds since birds have such sensitive respiratory systems. It must be hard on the wild birds too. I don't know how people with respiratory diseases are faring as I find it a bit annoying and I do not have respiratory problems.

When I got back from Edmonton on Tuesday, I tried to down load the photos I had taken on my flash card but it crashed. I ended up downloading a recovery program and got about 60% back which is better then nothing I suppose.

Well, it is still thick with smoke outside. :(

08-20-2010, 05:49 PM
oh dear, not so good an august then. Is it possible to travel somewhere else? I would be happy to show you around here :)

08-21-2010, 09:21 PM
I was thinking this kind of thing could go in those blogs, I think we have now. Gotta check that out.

Thanks, Bambi but even if I could afford it, I do not like leaving my birds.

*Edit* It works!