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09-12-2010, 05:54 PM
Thanks to all the help I got last year I passed my AS level Digital Photography so now starting on A2 which means I have to select 4 themes and I have gone for Night Time, Water, Machines, and Geometric. So now I have to find one photographer who does each of these and write about them explaining why I like there work so I need to select 4. Once this is completed I need so select one and then find another two photographers who do this type of photography and write what I think about their work.

Then of course, the real work starts where I have to show what I can do. To understand how and why each of the photographers I select do what they do is of course a great advantage.

There are some outstanding photographers on here and to me much better selecting some one I can ask questions to than some one who is rather remote.

Mad Aussie has produced some really good work as has Bambi and Marko. Of course there are many more Connie L. Publicover (snap) did some really good images using water but not seen any of her work after the original introduction and so a little uncertain if I should use anyone’s work as examples of what I like if they are no longer active.

There is also the case some people may not like it if I use their work as examples of what I feel is good photography and something I wish to emulate.

Bambi’s Christmas tree is to me an excellent example of Geometric work but then I can’t use any of her other good work and that is also a problem as with the exception of “snap” most the good guys on here do very good stuff in nearly all the themes I have selected.

So first, I am asking what people think? Mad Aussie’s work is great as it all has his signature on it so no way can anyone accuse me of stealing the work it is very obvious whose work it is.

This I hope will also get the college authorities to reverse their policy on forums at the moment they are all banned and of course they will have to remove that ban to allow examiners to check the links.

Anyway your thoughts before I do anything.

All best Eric

09-12-2010, 07:54 PM
Interesting. I think I missed this part of your background before, Eric. What kind of school is this and what kind of course?

Also, I'm curious - "So now I have to find one photographer who does each of these" - does this mean that those people take a lot of images in those categories, sort of like a specialization, or just that they have taken one or more images in one of those categories?

09-13-2010, 06:15 AM
Please remember I live in the UK in fact Wales. Our school leaving exam is called a GCSE classed as level 1 but the entrance exam requirement for University is A Level classed as level 3. School children can either remain at school to get there qualifications or go to a college of further education. The college route is open to anyone including myself at 59 years old.
The A Level is split into two so students have something after each year AS level year 1 and A2 for year 2. Because of funding unless I take 3 subjects I have to pay about £180 per course per year but if I take 3 then I get the whole 2 years for £10 so I wanted the Maths and have selected the others so I only pay £10.

Photography has always been an interest of mine but because as explained the course is really designed for school leavers they put a lot of time into research of other peoples work. Once we have cleared that then the interesting bit starts. Since artists don't tend to get degrees and doctorates in their subject there is no requirement to show the person one studies is qualified in any way. And if one goes for the rich and famous then to find out how they produced their work is near impossible with the internet. So books, magazines and forums to my mind is the best route as one then can get some idea as to the how it is done.

So if I could find an Architect who also did some Geometric photography then I would really be in luck. Add to that a couple of answers to questions and I could raise from my D past to an A* so this year I want to do it right.

The Halifax.ca Photo Contest Entries, Photos From the ROM, and Lunch Photoshoot with Michael shown on your web site will qualify you as a Geometric photographer so if you have no objections I would like to include you as one of my six of photographers that I have studied. Project 365, Shubie Park June, and Photo Trip 4 also have Geometric material and as yet I have only looked at icons and not opened the pages they connect to. Of course photos of things outside UK always impress so using a forum which is world wide will help a lot.

Hope that explains things. I am also a member of a photography club and I am sure I can find some one there as well. One guy is a retired optician so would be nice to get his work as he has a degree in a related subject and owned his own photo shop for years. As to Iguanasan you already have enough published for me to use you as one of six if you have no objections?

09-13-2010, 07:30 AM
Interesting. I'd be more than happy to help out if I can though I'm not sure I'm a very interesting subject.

£10 for 3 courses! Wow! That's a nice price. You've generated some interest for me in maybe taking a course so I'm checking into it, however, I think it'll be more like £300 for a 4 month course here. :sad:

09-13-2010, 07:54 AM
All done I have sent you a private message to show you what I have said. Well 1 down 5 to go. And I am sure one can find good work done by every photographer but the work you have to me is more than good. It is not the technical bits I need it's the artist bit. The way you have selected the subject is what makes them good pictures. I have cheated and gone to for example Valley Cruses Abbey and selected the position so I have the same scene as Turner painted. You are a very interesting subject and thank you for your help.