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11-01-2010, 01:44 PM
Anyone who follows my random dumps of gibberish in the “Off Topic” thread probably recognizes that I’m right into the conspiracy stuff and to a point they would be on the mark. It’s a hobby/interest of mine and I don’t deny it. Having said that, I really DO believe that if anyone thinks for a moment that the economy has bottomed out and now in a stage of recovery, they are delusional or blind.
In my travels to direct conspiracy threads and alternative news sites I have noticed a common theme emerge over the last few months and all from totally unrelated sources. Something very BIG is going down this November. I’ve read numerous reports of large government Intel leaks by insiders to friends and families to “stock up heavy on food and water” enough to last six months. Web Botts (Yes I know…Web Botts?) are drawing a line right through November. A few predictions from way back by people who’ve had a fairly hefty track record for being right have also pointed a finger at this time frame. Financial analysts in some corners are also sounding some loud horns though not so much to do with November specifically but more the last part of 2010 as being the beginning of some very dark times financially. Of course the sky has been going to fall for a while now according to some and the dates and times the mentioned have come, and gone without incident. I only mention this one because it’s seeming to come from all four corners and fixating on a time period between Nov 9 and Nov 20th. Now either I haven’t been paying attention and this happens all the time or it might be prudent to keep this in mind. I think I have a can of beans and a half full/empty bottle of water rolling around on the floor of the car, I’m anything but ready for what may or may not come down the pike. The general consensus among the majority of those I know, seems to be that even with the incredible pressures developing in the pot, the lid will most definitely stay sealed. I just wish I could share that viewpoint. Even if November turns out to be a non event, I believe sometime, not that far from now, the lid is going to put a giant hole in the ceiling! Of course I’m just a conspiracy NUT! :laughing:

PS... I'll go further out on a limb, What if the Icelandic volcano of late was just a warmup for the big one? What if planes couldn't fly for MONTHS!

11-01-2010, 10:13 PM
I always find your rants an interesting read but just can't get on board with them in a serious way ;) I'll just keep living my life and worry about it if it happens :)

11-01-2010, 11:46 PM
That's pretty much the way I live my life:) I tried not to make this a rant but more along the lines of what I'm seeing across the board. next to 2012, this month has the highest predictions of doom and gloom I have ever seen in my travels of sites of the underworld if you will. It was like that with the crash of 08, months before on the Conspiracy sites there was a huge buzz about something big going down financially. Most of the stuff one reads on my circuit is downright laughable, reptilians running the government and alien bases on the dark side of the moon, ideas that seem silly at best to me. Every once in a while though some nugget of truth slips in and I have to put on my research hat and go hunting, a week or so later it will come out via MSN in a very watered down form, that's when I know to keep digging. The financial shenanigans are by far the most interesting and frightening when you get deep into it. That level of interest for me started before there was an internet. I found it fascinating that it now took two peoples income to run a household but not to worry, you can still get all you need on credit, at a modest fee of course:) I began to see us as so much cattle, keep em fed, distracted, employed and paying the bills on time. If I have a rant, that would be it:)

PS...Why do I think the US economy is going to tank? I believe it was the only possible outcome once the Federal Reserve act was signed in in 1913. When a private banking system provides the nation with its currency, loaned to them at interest, to me, the deal is done. All the taxed income goes to pay off the interest the nation owes to the bank, any money for roads, education, government payroll has to be borrowed from the banks! The central banking system will bleed America to death. It's a totally unsustainable way of life. Unfortunately, when the States finally burn though the carpet they'll pull a lot of us through the hole. Thirteen trillion dollars in debt, closing in on fourteen (though if you dig, the number is two hundred trillion) and not that long ago, when I started keeping an eye, it was a mere ten trillion! The only thing that could save them would be for them to wrangle a failsafe way of starting a world war and winning! That scenario is riddled with problems though because some of the neighbours are big and armed to the teeth! I think the American public has been raped and put out to pasture by the banks and Wall Street and now the "fat cats" have their loot they'll be setting up shop in India, China, Russia but that's another story. The bankers really stand to lose nothing, they print money out of thin air...Just made it up! When the bill can no longer be paid, they'll walk away loaded. I believe one can put off the inevitable for a good stretch, but sooner or later the "piper must be paid!"

11-02-2010, 02:32 AM
In my travels I found this clip which pretty much sums up my viewpoint. I think what this man sees as an outcome is pretty much on the money. Consumption is way ahead of production.

LINK (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IV3NEOt_8Uk&feature=related)

11-02-2010, 02:18 PM
If you guys havent heard of Mike rupert and his documentary film "collapse", you should youtube it, he sums things up pretty quickly.

11-02-2010, 04:34 PM
Thanks for the tip:) I'd seen this guy on the lecture circuit but never watched this doc. In some ways it was like listening to myself. I get a range of results when I discuss these issues but the majority feel that "They" will sort it all out and it'll be like the 70's again soon! Preparation and the ability to survive the transition I think are the key elements.