View Full Version : The Imac story followup

12-10-2010, 11:37 PM
Well I’m stumped…The Imac I’ve bitched about produced my last show reluctantly with a plethora of corrupt hard drives and general mutiny all round. It was so bad that three days before show day I felt I had no other choice than to strip the hard drive down to nothing and rebuild it. This is not a decision one wants to have to make that close to showtime! The severity of the problems were such that I knew I was going to fail if I neglected to try and build a solid foundation from which to work. Following the Nth rebuild, I completed the material without a hitch. More importantly not one freaking thing has gone wrong in more than two weeks. I’m almost to a point where I trust this device. I’m sure my rants produced a dip in Mac stock so I thought I’d give them a semi plug here :laughing:. Still a few issues exist like I smoke and the Imac pulls all that pollution in leaving nasty marks on the inner workings of the screen but I’ve scoured the manual and every inch of the box it shipped in and nowhere does it say “Don’t buy this product if you smoke!” Two weeks of perfect computing…Well I would not have felt right considering my former rants if I neglected to place this on the table

Matt K.
12-11-2010, 11:31 AM
Almost bought an iMac. But I found the screen just to damn reflecting. So I bought a Dell Ultrasharp instead. Also 27" monitor, and it was on sale for a mere 750 bucks.