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10-05-2008, 06:59 PM
Hi all, I am new here and wanted to share my image with you. I took this today but I am extremely new to photography. I would like to hear critique but probably won't understand some of your terms haha. I used picasa 3 and the sharpen tool but that's it. I don't have photoshop nor would I know how to use it if I had it.

I found RAW for the first time today and shot with that. Now, I am unsure what RAW really is or when to use it but I was experimenting. Most of them turned out grainy. And now that I see it on here, I can see how grainy it is, sorry! Also it is huge, sorry about that as well :)

As you can see, I have a lot to learn but thought I would post anyway to get some feedback.

Thank you!

10-05-2008, 07:47 PM
don't worry about shooting raw until you know how to process it. many cameras have a RAW + jpg option.

RAW is just a bigger file with more information. i love all the extra info when i'm editing & trying to recover areas that are too bright white with no detail.

RAW images also have no sharpening. you don't want to shoot raw if you do not plan on editing it. they are meant to be processed.

10-05-2008, 07:50 PM
Thanks, yes I think I will stick to the normal way I shoot until I learn a bit more.

10-05-2008, 09:30 PM
Living with a lobster fisherman, these are right now lawn ornaments here as well as coils of rope. Nice shot :)