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01-12-2011, 05:42 PM
This is a webinar thos Friday January 14th between 1pm EST to 2pm EST. I have seen some of their webinars before and they do a pretty decent job. You do have to register to participate. Even if you have no intentions beyond doing it as a hobby I think it would be worthwhile to check it out, after all it is only an hour of your time.

Quote from the website:

Part 1
How to Market Yourself & Your Work

There’s lots of information available to student photographers covering photo technique and image editing software, but little devoted to the business side of photography. You could be counted among the world’s greatest photographers, but if you don’t know how to market, run a business, get work seen, or know how to deal with potential clients, finding success in this very competitive profession becomes much more difficult. Join PhotoShelter.com co-founder and Vice President Grover Sanschagrin for part 1 of this valuable educational series.

Topics Covered
Marketing Principles
Photography Websites
Social Media
Search Engine Optimization
Today's Opportunities

To register sign up here ...... Free Webinar January 14th (http://www.macgroupus.com/moc-webinar/Beyond-the-Classroom-Webinar.html)