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01-22-2011, 07:42 PM
You may recall when last spring we had a wayward little caribou living in our front yard. At first it was kinda cute to have him around... until he started sharpening his antlers down the sides of people's cars! Then, it wasn't quite so cute anymore. In the end, the game warden darted him and took him away to be with his herd.

Well, now we have another visitor. Thankfully, this one is too young to have his antlers! We have seen him on our lawn several times in the past week, but I have not been well enough to get outside for some shots of him. This morning, after sleeping all night in our front yard, (the caribou, not me!) I grabbed my new Sony A500 and trusty Minolta 100-200mm F4.5 lens and took a bunch of pictures; here are a few of them. This ancient Minolta lens still performs amazingly well.

There is a large population of these caribou on our little island; likely in the vicinity of a couple thousand. Almost as many caribou as people! Care must be taken to avoid hitting them on our roads, in all seasons. Hardly a day goes by without seeing lots of them.

Did you notice that we only have about an inch of snow on the ground? Up until this week we have been looking at green grass!

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01-22-2011, 08:06 PM
Nice, very clear, well exposed photos. They must be very used to people like the deer here that I have a problem keeping out of the back yard. Do they get to the pest stage or do they wander off away from populated areas?

Matt K.
01-22-2011, 09:23 PM
Beautiful details. Well done!

01-22-2011, 10:01 PM
Awesome shots Camper. Love the sharp detail. That 2nd shot is especially beautiful.

01-23-2011, 08:33 PM
Beautiful shots indeed...I can see the antlers just starting to bud off the head so beware!

01-23-2011, 10:45 PM
wonderful sharpness here!

01-24-2011, 05:53 PM
Nice set. I like the third one.

01-24-2011, 11:03 PM
Whoa! Lovely detail on this fellow. I can't decide between #1 and #2. I love the close up but the full body shot is excellent too! Great stuff, camperbc.

01-25-2011, 12:11 PM
Great detail on these. I'll take the 2nd shot!

01-26-2011, 12:16 PM
Thank-you everyone, for your kind comments. He is still living in our front yard, sleeping under our living room window. I hope he gets through the winter OK without the rest of his herd.