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03-28-2011, 02:35 AM
Photographing mushrooms growing high in a tree is so much easier when the tree is blown over. To give a scale, the stump is about six and a half feet tall.





Matt K.
04-02-2011, 12:08 PM
Nice set. Indeed it make it much easier to capture those 'shrooms' when they are closer to you. Love the detail in the images, and the different stages of growth. I especially like the fourth in the series. Wonderful light, and exceptional tones. Great job!

04-02-2011, 11:55 PM
Thanks. The last one last one was my favorite of what I took. I thought it looked like one of those elaborate fish you see in tropical reefs. I had 2 days total to get some of the texture of these, then the rain made everything kind of bleh.

04-03-2011, 07:38 AM
very nice set Q1, really like the texture and tones in these

04-03-2011, 07:56 AM
nice! I love #4 and 5!

04-03-2011, 08:49 AM
Cool. I really like #4.

Wicked Dark
04-03-2011, 02:55 PM
that third one has some lovely texture. nice color, too.

04-06-2011, 09:15 PM
Thanks, everyone. And high praise, WD, given your sets of mushrooms at various times. Got any good ones lately?

Wicked Dark
04-07-2011, 12:16 PM
hey thanks. surely you jest. these are the only ones I've shot lately - Hidden track | Flickr - Photo Sharing! (http://www.flickr.com/photos/thewiresmith/5522089257/in/photostream/lightbox/)

04-09-2011, 07:49 PM
Those count. I'm jealous of the "stacking". I've got one I've been trying to work with that isn't so cooperative. No snow to contend with, though.