View Full Version : Summer is here! (almost)

Dennis Carlyle
05-01-2011, 08:37 AM
Greetings, all. Although the look is quite different, and I think the name has changed, I believe this forum is where I hung out for a while several years ago when I first began doing digital photography.

I always enjoyed the wide variety of styles here, and the inspiration of many great images. To those who have kept it going strong - well done!

I've moved to a different city, and haven't done any photography for quite a while. But in the last couple of weeks, my enthusiasm has returned. I'm furiously reading about inkjets and print viewing / resolution. If I understand it all correctly, it seems that 6 MPixels (I use a Canon D60) is sufficient for quite large prints.

Now that warmer weather is here, I also have finally 'clued in' to the fact that with my current job (I start at 5 am), I'll have at least 5-6 hours of good light *every day* of the week for a good part of the year (weather permitting) to take pics. Edmonton is *cold* in the winter, but . . . Summer is Here! :thumbup: :cool:

05-01-2011, 11:50 AM
Welcome back to the forum, Dennis. I hope we continue to be an enjoyable pace to stay and visit :)