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05-12-2011, 09:33 PM
Wednesday I had a piece in an auction for a donation to a gallery, they house one of the largest collections of the Group of 7 painter Frederick Horseman Varely. They are doing an expansion and I am pretty strict on who I donate my work too and galleries are not really at the top of my list but the Varley Gallery (http://www.visitthevarley.com/) has been good to me and I think they are a wonderful resource for art outside the City limits. Well it is one thing to price your own work and it is another to see what it sells for when people have a choice or if they will at all. I was part of the silent auction and when I left there were some bids on my piece but received a thank you call this morning and it went slightly over what I had priced it at. So at least I know what I am thinking about what my pricing should be is in the range that at market people will bid it close to what I charge.

I also had a great time, it was a pretty formal affair and I usually hate that part of the business but I think even that my thoughts have changed and I am actually enjoying them now. It was a great way to meet potential clients since almost all that attend these events at $75.00 a ticket are true art lovers so I have a few showings from the show. I also get a nice tax receipt for next year. I try and support the arts since it is after all my profession along with some other charities I give my help to. Charities are always a great way to have your work shown and give to the causes you believe in. So even though you all do this for your own reasons on occasion if you can donate a piece of work, offer some time to photograph events for free, or anything else you can think of, it is good business sense and also just being a decent human to give a little to charities of causes you believe in or even at times it is a good business decision.

05-13-2011, 12:44 AM
Great insight AL... thanks for posting:)