View Full Version : Am I glowing in the dark yet?

05-25-2011, 09:06 PM
Today at work I overheard a colleague discussing the radiation levels from Fukushima. "They say it's no worse than standing next to your microwave" she said, "But who the hell stands next to their microwave 24/7?" She went on to say how she's somehow involved with some aspect of Nuclear medicine and that her readings for the people she treats are the same as if they had been subjected to a full body X-ray scan. She made the motions of a machine that scans on a rotation of 360 degrees. Then the elevator I was waiting for arrived and I was whooshed up to the second floor. I will delve into this further with her next time I work that location. So here's me thinking that Fukushima was all but put to bed based on local media coverage, but I decided to do a search anyway. I don't want to know this crap! The noise is very bad...Reactor 1 in full meltdown? Local seaweed at 400% above normal levels?, a blackout of info pushed by our leaders? Media it seems has all but ignored the problem as they are far too busy with the silly Canucks! I guess we'll get back to the crises after they do or do not win some cup! Anyone got any info on this disaster?...Fukushima that is not the playoffs!