View Full Version : The Backwater

Wicked Dark
06-28-2011, 07:59 AM
With all the rain and melting snow the rivers and brooks are running really high. As a result there are a lot of overflow channels that become vernal pools after a while (this one was still trickling). I'd have liked to back up, but literally just on my heels was another one just like this. Deep, too, 2-3 feet with mushy leaves at the bottom (snapping turtles??). Still, I liked the intense green and the reflection.


06-28-2011, 09:50 AM
I like it too - very well spotted and taken.

Wicked Dark
06-28-2011, 10:52 AM
thanks. can you tell my tripod was up as high as it would go?

06-30-2011, 05:11 AM
So amazingly still and lush. Very tranquil setting WD. Well done.

Wicked Dark
06-30-2011, 07:55 AM
thanks HBG, this one has popped up on flickr explore for me, so I guess I caught something people like. Besides us moss and fern freaks. : )