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07-03-2011, 03:42 PM
Yesterday was the first time in two months that I have been able to get outside with my cameras, (darned spinal issues) and I made the most of it. It was the first gorgeous day we have had so far this summer. I constructed a new backstop in our yard for my daughter Jacqueline's archery target, as recurve bow archery is one of many aspects of a comprehensive physical training program, preparing her for her upcoming Royal Canadian Mounted Police recruit training. (very proud Dad here!) Then I enjoyed watching her shoot steadily for three hours, before I headed back inside to lay down and rest my weary bones. (she kept at it for 4 more hours!)

Nothing overly exciting, nor particularly good here, but I managed to take a few quick shots with my Sony A550 and Samyang 8mm fisheye lens, and then switched over to one of my Sony A500's with an old Minolta 50mm f/1.7 lens, for a closeup b/w of Jackie in action, as well as a flower capture. (huh, Glen is shooting flowers?!) Not sure what these are called, but they are very beautiful, and can be found everywhere around Fogo Island.

Perhaps nothing too interesting here for the average viewer, but very precious stuff indeed for Dad, watching Jacqueline shooting arrows consistently into a 2 inch bull's-eye from over 25 yards. In the coming days I will be photographing Jackie target shooting with her first handgun too, as she gets a brand new Beretta 92FS next week. Again, this is all part of her preparation for upcoming police cadet training at the RCMP academy in Regina.

After two months of no picture-taking, it is a wonder that I even remembered how to turn these cameras on!

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07-03-2011, 05:25 PM
Cool! I love that first one. Very nice.

07-03-2011, 07:04 PM
Love the perspective in the first one.

07-03-2011, 09:10 PM
nice perspective on the first one, great concentration on the second. the third is a dianthus I believe. :)