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07-05-2011, 12:17 AM
This is Elaine

#1http://famecherry.com/wp-content/graphics/2011/07/IMG_5845.jpg #2http://famecherry.com/wp-content/graphics/2011/07/IMG_6048.jpg

#3http://famecherry.com/wp-content/graphics/2011/07/IMG_6009.jpg #4http://famecherry.com/wp-content/graphics/2011/07/IMG_6030.jpg


Artistically Scientific Side of Things

As an artist, my work is about expressing a personís character using impressions generated from photos and words and piecing them together to form a bigger picture.

Rather than on a per-picture basis, kindly consider my work through an overall point of view.

I am sorry that in the past the presentation of my work may have caused a lot of confusion, so I have decided to try another new way of presenting my work

I would be grateful for any feedback at all as they are valuable for my experimentís progress. Thank you ;-)

My full work on Elaine is composed of 30 + photos, should you have an interest, please visit my full work on Elaine here (http://famecherry.com/models/cheri/june-2011/elaine-chow/chri-to-do-or-not-to-do-that-is-the-question-elaine-chow)

I would really appreciate it if you can let your thoughts be known to me in this thread after you have seen my work =)

07-05-2011, 12:19 AM
Experimental Concept

My artwork is about combining all of the impressions from of all of the photos of the model. In every set I have more than 30 photos, all displayed in a specific format arranged to simulate the layout of a Triptych but modified to for website publish

Another example can be those of Egyptian wall art

Other words you must consider all of these photos plus the words in my article about the model for it to work. Its sort of like a macro scale kind of thing.

My experiment is about being able to accurately express a person using this means.


I capture my subjects exactly as they are despite what she says about herself and what she does in the pictures

I minimize my influence and bias in the subject by providing minimal direction and art guidance, hence minimizing influence contamination.

Everything in the photos, everything in each word and sentence belongs to the subject and none of mine.

All of this raw data is completely up to the audience to process and interpret to their heart’s content =D

Telling me your interpretation will definitely help me a lot ! So please do =)

As for the background and place i choose, this sort of captures an element of fate to my work. Its like it is fate that we have to shoot at this place at this particular moment ( i hope i am making sense )