View Full Version : Playing The Circuit

07-22-2011, 11:52 PM
Just wondering about this one. Critiques are welcome. Thank you for viewing.


Matt K.
07-23-2011, 01:49 PM
Ya gotta love this one, it's that simple. The mixture of old and new, the subdued colours, the unusual composition. Only thing I can find that could benefit from improvement would be the inclusion of the lower legs. This would bring the violin placed on the bottom in better view as well .. and maybe try a shot like this not standing up, but from a little lower position, even from the bottom up would add more drama to it. We all have a tendency to shoot standing up (JAS and Casil are the exceptions here :laughing:); quite often you can improve the drama from the point of view alone.

07-23-2011, 02:26 PM
I'm a fan of selective coloring, and I like this a lot. Great story with unanswered questions. Sharp image. Love the background details. Nice processing. Thanks for sharing.

07-24-2011, 09:51 AM
Thank you Matt and mbrager for the comments. Good points you brought out Matt about shooting from a lower angle. Something to keep in mind when I do shots like this.

07-30-2011, 10:47 AM
You made me go look! Sorry I missed it. Not sure I can offer any advice that hasn't already been given. This is a very nice shot.

07-30-2011, 11:33 PM
Much thanks Iggy. I appreciate your time and comments.