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08-08-2011, 03:43 PM
Well about two weeks ago I get a call from a potential client who needs work done but he does not have enough cash on hand for the work he needs done. So we talk a little and I find out he has a Mac Book Pro early 2009 15" model with Applecare he no longer needs and since I sold my 17" MBP and older iMac and bought a new iMac I have been missing the convenience of having a laptop and do not have the money to buy a new one at this time since I am moving and like to keep as much cash on hand as possible so I am not using Credit Cards should we need something or something unexpected comes up. So I made a deal where I would get the MBP for the work he needed done which its value was almost 3 times the cost of what he needed.

I rarely ever do barter work but I always keep an open mind about these things and did the deal. It is 2 years newer than my old MBP with a bit smaller screen area but my iMac is much larger then my old MBP or iMac so I now have the best of both worlds again and Applecare for another 18 months which I already used and saved me $137.00 when I had them replace both exhaust fans. So when dealing with clients who are unable to pay for the work it does not hurt a least to inquire about potential barter offerings. I would not do it for work for work but if it is something tangible, easy to value then it may be worth considering. That being said I will still prefer cash but it does pay to keep an open mind on these things.