View Full Version : The Old Window

09-15-2011, 06:25 PM
Your thoughts please. My thoughts: absence, seclusion and such like

Wicked Dark
09-15-2011, 08:55 PM
I like the colors and the sense of what-is-it-ness, but something's missing. Maybe I'm not a still life person. It did make me pause though. : )

09-16-2011, 05:47 AM
It made me pause as well but my eye and brain wants "more" if that makes any sense.
For me it needs additional elements in it to suggest and support the themes you are referring to.
To my eye, as it is, it's just an interestingly lit door and doorframe and the image's most striking quality is the glass's texture.

Wicked Dark
09-16-2011, 07:12 AM
placing something in the window, either thematically consistent like say an old pair of glasses, or something contradictory like say an iPad would give us something to wonder about I think. But that's tough to do on the fly. I've considered carrying my Darth Vader Pez dispenser for such emergencies.

09-16-2011, 08:59 AM
Good thoughts guys. Keep em coming. Every little helps!