View Full Version : First Poster Prints

11-28-2008, 09:18 PM
Well just to let you up to date on my photography going ons, or whatever they are called. I just completed a photo shoot of bikini/swimsuit models with really nice custom Bentley, two who are former Miss Toronto. We did the photo shoot a short while ago, I put together what I thought were the best photos of the girls and laid out a poster for the client. With a bit of tweaking the posters of the girls and the car will be printed in the next week and for sale with the girls at various car show and other events, with a first printing of 2,000.

This is not the type of photography I want to do,but the opportunity arose and I was successful at it, made some decent money from it with the potential for much more work, not sure if this is the route I want to take but finding putting on gallery shows, paying for the inks, paper, frames, glass, matting, equipment upgrades get very expensive very fast and if I can pay for my other work with this type guess I will do what I need to.

It does now with the agreement I have with the modeling agency give me access to the models at no cost. Not really big on using models but have some ideas I have been wanting to try out and now I can. Anyway just thought I would let you all know what is going on. Next weekend going to finalize a 4 week run of work I actually like that I do for March show at a fairly well known Toronto Gallery. Finding the business side of photography lately more time consuming then taking photos to the final printing of them.

Tomorrow I plan on fleeing the city to do some photography and relax, it will be the first day I get to just drive and take photos in over seems like 2 or more months.