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10-10-2011, 04:29 PM
Howdy folks. I'm a shutterbug too , but mostly a Dumpdigger

People don't understand when I say "I'm down in the dumps" it means that I'm as happy as can be.
I dig up old dumps.
We find all kinds of stuff and I take pictures of the darndest things,
I write a blog called Dumpdiggers (http://dumpdiggers.blogspot.com) full of stories and original pictures. In fact that's why I'm here,... the pictures. They could better. You don't have to say it - I know it already. And its cause I'm too cheap to buy a nice camera and take it to the dump. I'm thinking about getting some better equipment and maybe learning a few more things in the next year to get my skills up. Then I can make any old thing look more like treasure.

This is not archeology, this is dump digging.

10-10-2011, 06:07 PM
Reminds me when I built a house on Wards Island in Toronto, during the excavation for the foundation we found a ton of old bottles and others cool stuff. I later learned it was an old dump site and it interesting to find what we did. Also was the last house I built and just found the CD's the architect gave us after the job was done. First time I had seen a digital camera so this was 1996 or 97 I believe. You must come across some really interesting stuff in Garbageology digs. You should turn off your date stamp on your camera it is distracting.

10-10-2011, 09:18 PM
was your house on the extreme west end of the island ?

please tell me where exactly this house foundation was on Toronto island as im very knowledgable about all toronto dumps. if its the dump i think it was then i can even tell you what you found there

and that camera was gone long ago

I write a bunch of different blogs now that have better photography and no date stamp

still its cool to remember thats where i was in 2007 - in the bottle rush in meaford!

here's a picture i just snapped last week


thats my brother beekeeping in Sept chilly cold morning , eastern Ontario - the bees were miserable . we were taking off the metal screens (queen excluders) in the center of the beehive - you see him with his hive tool, ready to pry it off

taking pictures with my small digital camera meant no gloves, and there meant blowing bees off my fingers as I snapped the shots , im not kidding

and im good at it

10-11-2011, 03:30 PM
Nice photo of your beekeeping brother, It was on the east end of the Wards Island right behind the tennis court, we were supposed to be the second last house built on the Island but because of the main 4 Beams were 30' in length and 10"x10" it became a nightmare to get 4 that were actually straight and getting them off and on the Island was huge pain. So we ended up being that last house to be built on previously unbuilt site. I was not far from where the land was washed away that actually made the Islands. One bottle I have beside me says Dr.S.N.THomas Eclectric.oil for both external and internal use, bet it was real helpful stuff lol. From What I know about it it was produced between 1929-1936 in Toronto but the company was around in N.Y. since 1889. I also found out from Canada's Least Valuable Patent Medicine Bottle (http://dumpdiggers.blogspot.com/2007/12/canadas-least-valuable-patent-medicine.html) that it is absolutely worthless, lol, Dumpdiggers (http://dumpdiggers.blogspot.com/) . from your blog site of course here I thought it was worth at least a buck or to, lol. Way to ruin dreams of vast wealth from that bootle,not only that I have two of them hahha.