View Full Version : Expo disc?

12-02-2008, 04:22 PM
Okay, I've been seeing a lot of adverts for the Expo disc and similar WB devices. I was more than a little skeptical, especially at over $100 for what essentially looks like nothing more than a plastic lid sandwhiched into a filter frame, but, being a gear nut, I went out and bought one yesterday.

First impressions? Overall, good. Not sure if it's worth $120 or not, and it doesn't always seem to work perfectly, but there is a noticable improvement in some situations. I'm going to experiment with it further, and I'll post a detailed review in a bit. In the meantime.... thoughts?

12-02-2008, 05:30 PM
Apparently it really works well in light sources under 3000k (where most auto wb functions fail)... and with multiple light sources....

from what i understand there are two ways to use it.... the most accurate way is to set it from the subject point of view (instead of reflective)...

I've been thinking about grabbing one for a while... but have lately been using live view and scrolling kelvin temperature to adjust WB in weirdly lit rooms.... this method works surprisingly well...

let us know how it works after you played with it a while..

12-02-2008, 07:20 PM
I rented one of those for my last wedding. I found it worked amazingly well, I just clipped it up to the lens, shot from the subject to the angle of where the camera would be, set my custom white balance and BAM! Too easy. I fell in love at first click. Much more on my wish list to aim for before I call one my own though.