View Full Version : Chagall and the Russian avant-garde reunited at AGO

10-13-2011, 10:15 PM
This upcoming show Chagall and the Russian avant-garde reunited will be at the Art Gallery of Ontario is opening the 18 of October 2011. If you interested in going you can get a 20% discount on the tickets if you buy your tickets by October 17th 2011.

I buy an annual exhibition membership when I know there enough events to justify the annual family pass and I take my kids to the shows at least once so I usually just buy the annual pass even with one show I want to see.

Also currently showing which is very photography related is Songs of Future:Canadian Industrial Photos from 1858 - Present (http://www.ago.net/songs-of-the-future-canadian-industrial-photographs-1858-to-today) which I have been wanting to see but I was waiting for the Chagall exhibition so I could use the annual pass to see it at least once or more if I am impressed by it, which I am pretty sure I will be.

I know the with just the Chagall exhibition I will be going several times and few times alone just because I love to browse at a slow pace and enjoy the the paintings slowly and take it all in. Just thought it is a show very worth visiting and for more info on current and upcoming exhibitions here is the link (http://www.ago.net/exhibitions). And there is also a Rodin exhibition upcoming. A very good upcoming year for exhibitions at the AGO.