View Full Version : Natural Bridge, Bryce Canyon Utah

10-29-2011, 09:25 PM
Bryce Canyon is an amazing place. The spectacular views are overwhelming. Natural Bridge is just off the main road that goes through the park. It is really easy to get to. When I made this image I was probably about 25 feet from where I parked the car.

This is an HDR image. I made it from 8 shots. The HDR technique, which I am just trying out, allowed me to bring out the shadows that were on the right inside part of the arch and the trees visible through the arch. I liked the HDR result, how the frame is full of the arch, most of the colors in this.

I don't like how the left side of the image is overexposed. It actually doesn't look like that on my original but seems to be a result of squeezing this file down to just 236K. I also don't like the slightly blue/purple color cast on the right side and under the arch. I could have removed this in post process but I have had a couple of glasses of red wine and I am feeling a little lazy.

Thanks for all the feedback and constructive critique I have been getting. I really appreciate it. I am dead set on becoming a better photographer and you are all helping me achieve my goal.