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11-24-2011, 01:55 PM
I live close to Montreal,and I love the outdoors and fishing.Right now I,m a point and shoot guy,but want to upgrade real soon.

11-24-2011, 02:37 PM
Quite now!!!! Do not upgrade!!! You will abandon all hope in search for the perfect shot, that you will never achieve!!!

I think it is like those chess players going insane looking for the perfect game!!!

Just kidding (kind of)

BTW, welcome to the boards!!!

This is a great board, you will find a lot of help.

11-25-2011, 03:32 AM
Welcome to the forum Lungelarry,

you'll find plenty of encouragement, advice and help here. I look forward to seeing some of your shots.

11-25-2011, 10:03 AM
Welcome to the forum Lungelarry!

11-25-2011, 12:37 PM
Yes. Welcome to the forum now let's see some of your photos! :) Join in and have fun!

11-27-2011, 08:33 AM
don't listen to AL- go buy the camera. that perfect shot is just around the corner.....:evil2:

we are enablers, but friendly enablers. ;)