View Full Version : Plan B - Take Some Flower Pictures

06-26-2012, 11:03 PM
I wasn't going to post these two pictures. They are probably not the best flower pictures I've ever taken but HBG's comment in another post convinced me to do so.

"Thanks Aub, and please don't be afraid to post your results. Always remember, (and this goes for everyone, especially lurkers). What you see as beautiful and interesting is not what all will see the same as yourself. Don't be afraid to post any pics of any type of your art here to share with us all. I may not comment on all, but not because I do not like them. I do have very limited bandwidth where I live, so try and use it sparingly. Every shot, to me, is a work of art, as someone has taken the time to put an effort into capturing something for eternity, and want to share with the world. Each individuals work is their very own creation, therefore is a work of art, IMO.
So please, everyone share your work, as it is also a learning experience for the rest of us to see outside of our own comfort zones sometimes, and try new things"

Why Plan B. Well Plan A was to try some street photography. It did not work out well. It was too sunny (way too much contrast) and for some reason I ran out of nerve that day to take pictures of people anyway (I had my 10-22 lens so I had to be quite close). I spotted these flowers in the front of somebody's house so I got some pictures of them instead. I feel I least made something out of a bad day.