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Mad Aussie
02-06-2009, 03:35 AM
New to Photography.ca we now have the ...

http://www.mtbdirt.com.au/home/smf/Smileys/classic/photo.gif Marko's Choice of the Month Award http://www.mtbdirt.com.au/home/smf/Smileys/classic/photo.gif

How it Works
At the end of each month Marko, or a qualified guest of his choosing, will chose a photo he likes for technical reasons and tell us the reasons he chose this photo.

Where do the photos come from?
The photo that will be chosen will come from the monthly threads where members nominate each others' photography; the forum called member's monthly choice forum (http://www.photography.ca/Forums/f27/).
Who's photos qualify?
Any registered member of this website (photography.ca) as long as they have a photo that was nominated by another member in the forum listed above.

When will each Award be announced?
As early as possible into the new month depending on Marko's workload. For instance, the Nov 2009 MCM Award would be announced early in Dec 2009.

How will the Award be Announced?
The award will be announced here in the forums where people are free to discuss it further and also in the photography.ca blog.

What do you win?
As the forums here at Photgraphy.ca are designed and run to be a friendly, interactive experience, the award is simply a honorary award and nothing is actually given out to the winner.
The objective here is for a professional photographer to really get take some real time to explain the elements and facets within a photo and the members learn from the experience.
However, we do ask the winner of the current MCM Award to please give back by being the final nominator of photos for the next months Members Photo of the Month Award. This would be the same month that your award is announced.
You can read about the Members Photo of the Month Award (MPM Award) in another thread.

What if I don't want my photos used for this Award?
You simply email or send a personal message to Marko and let him know that you'd rather go on to his MCM Award Exclusion List.