View Full Version : Sunset at the Pond

04-21-2013, 02:28 PM
Hey Everyone,

Last night I was out in the back of the farm and captured this picture.


04-21-2013, 04:51 PM
Nice composition in the first shot with the foreground rocks. Be sure to check the horizon as it appears to slant down to the right. This can be easily fixed in post processing.
In the second shot, try to keep strong elements of the photo (in this case the foreground rocks) from being centered. If you keep them towards the edge of the photo, they will create "leading lines" that will "lead" the viewers' eyes into the photo. Google up "Rule of Thirds" which should provide explanations and examples.
Such a beautiful location - thanks for sharing.

04-22-2013, 09:40 AM
Randitiola Gives good critique.

Mad Aussie
04-22-2013, 05:13 PM
Adding to the above ... I like that yo've given the flash a go here too. With some experimentation you should be able to get the sky better exposed and the still flash the rocks up as well. Playing with the flash strength settings will allow you to control the amount of shadow you get on the rocks. Good effort.