View Full Version : What is your favorite photo forum/site (other than here)?

07-08-2013, 02:27 AM
(Marko, hope you don't mind)

This is my favorite photo forum by far (I am a member of about 6)

My second favorite is FroKnowsPhoto. It has some great tips but the forum it self is very slow and has little or no feedback. Jarod Poland (spl?) seems to be a pretty cool guy and really enjoys what he is doing. I like that he does quick critique videos of images people submit.

The Canon site and photoforum are huge sites and are mostly "super-mega" photographers pounding their chest in their latest photo conquest. The feedbacks also suck because there is so many threads starting all the time, your thread gets pushed down pretty quickly.

Mad Aussie
07-08-2013, 11:22 PM
I've looked and joined other sites in the past and have always been disappointed with the self-serving morons that seem to inhabit and infest them. I've stuck to this website for many years now for a very good reason. The wanker to polite and helpful ratio leans highly in the favour of polite and helpful here and it seems that's rather unique.

07-10-2013, 10:46 PM
I sometimes visit "The Art of Photography" by Ted Forbes. Very focused on the artisitc side of photography. Nevertheless, I mainly hear mp3 podcasts while driving and in this case this is a video one (a bit more difficult for me). Also love to hear the ones from Marko :-).