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07-10-2013, 10:12 PM
So how did I do?


Mad Aussie
07-10-2013, 10:28 PM
Hmmm ... it doesn't jump out and grab me as such, but I can't say it's not good either.

I like the background/bokeh ... interesting without being distracting.

Sharpness looks good.

I think her cheek and nose are slightly overexposed and the hair has a spot or two that's borderline for that as well. Perhaps the flash/light source was a bit bright?

On the light source ... What was it? And, it appears to me to be an off camera source from a strange direction.

I think the closest eye almost being visible feels wrong to me. I desperately want to either see that eye (and sharply in focus) or not see it all all. Perhaps having her look down more would have allowed her hair to veil that eye far more and create more mystery?

Having rattled off all that ... I still don't mind it.

07-11-2013, 08:02 AM
The processing works really well here - I do like the overall silvery tones..

But for me, this isn't a 'headshot' in the classic sense so it must be a play on a headshot...and imo, there's just not enough 'play' going on so for me it's neither here nor there.

The model should have been much farther from that background as the background's sharpness is now part of the scene.
Ask yourself, what is the image about? I don't feel any connection with this model....so...For me, the shot is about hair.
So if this was an ad for shampoo you'd be in the right direction, but I'd bet hard that this was not at all your intention.

Hope that may help.

07-11-2013, 09:01 PM
First off.
Thanks for the comments as always.
Your reaction to the picture are interesting. This is one of those pics that when people look thru my stuff have more then once commented on.
I do agree with the further back when I look again. In my defense it was a small room.....lol
and yes do now see the hair really jumping out. I think that is what intrigued me about this pic but I never put my finger on it.

But really, your feedback is very much appreciated.

<hold head in shame> I was being very lazy when I named it last night....... If I had it to do again maybe....... "HAIR"..