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10-06-2013, 09:41 PM
The family and I went to a biplane museum and airshow (of sorts), and I caught my son playing in a biplane pedal car...
http://farm3.staticflickr.com/2852/10129008396_6a886a58cb_c.jpg (http://www.flickr.com/photos/justinryansr/10129008396/)
Untitled (http://www.flickr.com/photos/justinryansr/10129008396/) by Justin Ryan sr (http://www.flickr.com/people/justinryansr/), on Flickr


10-07-2013, 04:11 AM
Nice shot Justin. I am just waiting for someone with less restraint than me to make a comment about the Royal Canadian Air Force :)

10-12-2013, 01:59 AM
Next thing you know he'll be making low passes down the runway. Great portrait. And now I want a biplane pedal car for Christmas!

10-13-2013, 08:18 PM
Very cute. It's such a nice candid.

10-20-2013, 06:16 AM
Very cute. It's such a nice candid.

Agreed. Love these type of candids.

10-22-2013, 08:45 PM
Thanks all! I forgot I posted this image! Life has gotten so busy, I sometimes don't get on here for days, and when I do, I don't have much time for posting...so I do a lot of liking...this kid is such a ham sometimes!