View Full Version : Blue Church - pans & composite

Jim Scrimger
11-05-2013, 11:28 AM
183461834718348 Blue Church is a tiny wooden building built in 1845 in a Loyalist late 1700, early 1800 graveyard overlooking the St. Lawrence river. I like making panoramas, but whem completed what to do with them, miserable to print full size, obsenely expensive to frame so I sometimes put them in composites.

11-06-2013, 12:51 PM
Interesting set. I like the light in the second last pano!

Mad Aussie
11-06-2013, 02:24 PM
Nice expose'

Jim Scrimger
11-07-2013, 03:28 PM
Thank you Aubinbay, Mad Aussie