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02-23-2009, 01:09 AM
How to pick an unusual and a good idea for a college research paper for the English class!!!

When I was getting prepared to graduate college back in 1970s, I had this one English class left and the most important paper was a college research paper (http://www.educationalwriting.net/research_paper.htm). I wanted to write something rather different, something that is just going to amaze the professor when she reads it. So, here is what I did…

Since this was for an English class, I had to do a research paper that is socially relevant. Everyone knows that English Professors are mindful of social issues, and admire a student who embraces a cause at such a young age.

So, I did a research paper (http://www.educationalwriting.net/research_paper.htm) on a subject on “the waning state of mental health care”. There is plenty of information available on the internet. Just Google “NAMI” and you'll come across most of the research is at your fingertips. I went after the links to other websites for different viewpoints.

Some of the topics you can use for your college research papers are:
• the impact of deinstitutionalization on the mentally ill,
• the effectiveness (or lack thereof) of brief therapy,
• and the ongoing struggle for mental health parity in health care delivery.

Whatever the topic you decide, I would be pleased to evaluate your research paper topic before you start writing it. I can tidy it up and propose ways to improve it. Just email me to follow up. I am retired, and do not have a lot to do.

English has always been my beloved subject, and I have written many college research papers (http://www.educationalwriting.net/research_paper.htm) for myself, and others. I would love to help you with any research paper topic selection problems for FREE also can give advice on writing your research papers.