View Full Version : Merging layers using blending mode or mask and apply?

01-09-2014, 09:05 PM
I read a photo mag and it was instructing on how to paint with light and combine layers using the blending mode. Moving from normal to lighten worked well with demo and I noted many more blend modes. The color burn had some dramatic effects. The white mask here 18629 I was impressed with however without understanding what I am doing it's a lot of playing and luck. There is another part in Photoshop using masks and going to Image Apply also has a load of options and in the blending options near same names but color burn does not have same effect as when used with blend mode.

I set up a cuddly toy a rabbit and took a load of images all with different lighting but did not move toy or camera and although some odd effects nothing like the mask. What I want is to work out what I am doing so I can set up to get repeatable effects. Used LED and Flash lighting.