View Full Version : Would like to trade Sony for a Pentax

02-25-2009, 09:08 PM
Looking to trade a Sony Alpha 100 with an SAL 75-300 and the 18-70mm lens for a Pentax K200 or K10 body, preferably with a lens. I already have another Pentax and recieved the Sony for christmas. With more accessories for my Pentax, I'm looking to consolidate my gear to one brand. The Pentax is in excellent shape and I have only had it since Christmas. Recently got the 75-300 lens since Circuit City is going out of business. Everything pretty much brand new without any scratches on any surface. Body cover and lens caps for both lenses and a 55mm UV, CP filter, and 10gb in CF memory included. Will also sell for around 500 or the price of a used K10d body.