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03-15-2014, 07:32 PM
So a few days ago I went to the MK Nature Center during my lunch. I figured, hey, I got this nice new longer lens I haven't practiced much with. The center has a section with several bird feeders and 2 blinds. I can practice taking pictures of little flitty birds. What I got was a wood duck. Who wasn't interested in sharing or leaving any time soon.


Found an interesting section of log. I managed to yank most of the highlights back - mid-March and the midday sun is already a problem.

And the 3rd blind in the center. It's on the main pond. I just liked the pattern of shadow on the lattice.

03-15-2014, 09:56 PM
Lol, I love your duck. :)

03-21-2014, 05:18 PM
Likin that male Woodie also. Such beautiful waterfowl.

03-22-2014, 05:42 PM
Thanks; he's a beauty, even if he was being a PITA at the time. If I'd *wanted* him as a subject, he probably would have been gone in a flash...

03-26-2014, 07:03 PM
Another vote for your duck. New longer lens ????. I think you are going to have some fun with that new edition and some nice pics for us to see.