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03-01-2009, 02:20 PM
Thanks to a suggestion by Mad Aussie we have started a community map on Photography.ca where members can indicate their locations so we can all see how far we are from each other.... (and perhaps meetup at some point in the future?)

The map is located here:

Here's how to use the map and add your location to it:
Click the Edit button if the extra 4 Icons (including the blue upside down teardrop) aren't visible.

You drag that teardrop to your location (I suggest that no one actually sticks it right on their house for privacy reasons of course) or thereabouts. Then you can add some info into the little box this creates.
I simply put 'Steve 25 Hansome as a Greek God' in there ;) Ok ... I didn't ... I put 'Steve, Male, 43 Born NZ' (New Zealand) and then added a photo.

Suggest the photo is no bigger than about 300 pixels on it's longest length.

If people are still having trouble adding or figuring out the map you can go to this thread (http://www.photography.ca/Forums/showthread.php?t=2150) where the topic was first suggested and explained.
Thanks all!