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09-19-2014, 02:49 PM
Hi everyone..

Just a few lines to introduce an amateur image maker from Scotland who is gradually learning, in this digital age, to slow down and act as if I had a 36 exposure film in the box instead of an electronic card with limitless space...:)

The photographs I've seen here are incredible, and things worthy of more than a glance...

Here to learn...


09-19-2014, 04:41 PM
Welcome Dougie! We love to share what we know so you have come to the right place!

That slowing down that you speak of - will serve you very well!

09-19-2014, 08:09 PM
Welcome to photography.ca! I am looking forward to seeing some of your images to see the world from your perspective.

09-20-2014, 12:12 AM
Welcome BM. Interesting concept "Slowing down" When I first took up photography in the 80's I shot 36 exposure slide film and I shot automatic all the way. I'd take em to the drug store, (Chemist) get them processed and maybe if I was lucky get back a couple of reasonable images. I shot colour all the way so no way to process myself, then sadly I lost interest. When digital came about My interest returned. I got a modest digital camera and set it to auto exposure and I'd fiddle around on manual sometimes but I'd always go back to auto. Then I thought, How does the camera do such a good job at exposure using it's auto brain and I suck if I try to do it myself? Gradually over time and study using exif data I began to see how the camera was making better decisions than me and the mechanics behind that. Now I get maybe five good shots on a roll of 36 :shrug: I can eek out a couple more because I now own my own lab...PS6:thumbup: I think ultimately you are correct in the slowing down though. Look at a scene, decide what the image you want is and then use your knowledge of camera function to get the vision recorded. I shoot so slowly now I'm lucky to pull off an image a month and that's probably gonna be a cat. Slow down...Corectomundo and welcome again :)