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03-03-2009, 12:42 AM
These guys are totally harmless but love to curl up on the side of a trail and bathe in the sun. They bolt as soon as they see/smell/taste you coming. The trick is to creep up on them...If they run, stop, crouch and wait, they will return. Let them get back almost to where they were, then slowly bring the camera up. They'll see you do this and freeze. If you wait until they're facing you their tendency is to stay dead still and hope you move on. My theory is that they don't want to move in case you see them, and they're really hoping to god you haven't!


http://www.redzonefilms.com/pics2/snake stare3.jpg

http://www.redzonefilms.com/pics2/snake stare.jpg

This last one is a re post but belongs with the set:)

03-03-2009, 12:52 AM
Nice shots. I always chase garter snakes, any snake actually. We dont really have anything poisonous so I always make my best effort to get one and get it positioned to where I want it. Great as always!

Mad Aussie
03-03-2009, 01:33 AM
Geez JJ ... you'd last about 2 hours in Aussie if I took you to the 'right' places then! We have the worlds top 10 venomous snakes I think!

Very cool shots there Michael ... always neat to learn how you managed to get so close.

03-03-2009, 01:54 AM
Ive become quite experienced handling snakes since my days as a child. They are something I have always been intrigued by and picked up. Ive only been tagged once, by my pet red tail when I was feeding him. Luckily he was about the size of a large pencil so it was more like a scratch. I would love to play with some venomous ones though as long as I had one of those hooks with me. Would be another thrilling adventure. Nothing like living life on the edge if you ask me.

03-03-2009, 02:08 AM
Very pretty! even if they are snakes. Yikes!

03-03-2009, 02:09 AM
Great shots !
Amazing colors, sharpness, details, exposure (like I'm an expert :D:D:D )
Beautifully done.

03-03-2009, 09:13 AM
Great photos!!! Yup..not quite for me.. :p Although I've been told come May/June there is a place here where the snakes come out of hiding and there are snakes everywhere...maybe we'll go get some shots. A biggggg maybe! :)

Love shot #2!