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11-07-2014, 06:51 AM
Here in Smithers, BC, there are several places you can take great pictures. There are great places in the Babine Range (about 45min drive out of town), up by Silver King Basin (I have one or 2 pictures from up there on the link I sent on one of the forums). Silver King Basin is a moderate hike (and lots of salmon berries if you go at the right time of year). It takes between 2-3 hours hike to get up to Joe L'Orsa Cabin. This is one of my favorite places to go, although the past year (September) was the first time in about 5 years or so, but IMO it's definitely a great hike to do as often as possible. After you go past the cabin, there's a trail that is a pretty hefty clime (great altitude in a small amount of time). This place is called Hyland Pass. Most places it's pretty rocky, but after you get to the top it's mostly rolling, also quite moderate.

2 places I can't really talk about because I've been there only once or twice in my life and haven't been there in forever would be Silvern Lakes just outside of town, and Little Joe Lakes which is located just before Silver King Basin trailhead.

Silvern Lakes is a hike I'm hoping to do in the next year or so, but it's about 10 minutes outside of town. There's a small lake, often good for fishing, west of Smithers called Lake Kathalyn. You turn off before you get to the lake and cross some train tracks (and maybe I should try to edit a google map). You cross the tracks, turn a corner, then there's a hill that's off the main hill. Around the foot of the hill, there's a parking spot with a trail head. An alternate rout is McDonel Lake Road wich is up towards the ski-hill, south of town (technically the road starts somewhat east). Not sure how far it is from the main ski-hill road to the Silvern Lakes Trailhead is.

Just like Little Silvern Lakes, Little Joe Lakes has 2 trails, McCabe Trail which is near silver king basin trailhead, and also from the other side, if you know where to look, on Babine Lake Road. I can only guestimate that it takes maybe an hour to drive to the other side, about 45min to drive to McCabe trailhead. Both Silvern Lakes and Little Joe Lakes you can do it in a day if you wish. You can also hike through one side and out the other, but you'll need an alternate vehicle to pick you up. I'm sure I can find a website with both these locations. If I can, I will post them here.

Also, at our ski-hill about half an hour drive out of town, there's a small lake called "Crater Lake" which is about 45min-1h30min walk (depending on how fast you go, naturally). There's so much you can take pictures of up there, including flowers, and if you're lucky and while animal or something or other. The first little bit is a steep climb, but at the top it's rolling and quite moderate. When you get to the top, you can cross to the other side and overlook the small town of Smithers. You head east, following the trail of course, you get to Crater Lake. Once there, if you have time to spare and know the way, you can keep going up to what's known as "The Peak". You'd possibly need a full day to do it comfortably, especially because some parts are pretty treacherous. When up there (don't know if it's still up there because I've been up there only once, which was several years ago), there should be a book y ou can sign your name. There is a guestbook up at Joe L'Orsa Cabin.

One other place you can go would be to Twin Falls Recreation Site, about 10-15min drive out of town. You go to the Silvern Lakes trailhead I've already discusses but keep going. It's about 5min or so past that with some great views especially the waterfalls (one of them is in the link I've shared in another section). There are 2 trails, one going up to the falls which is moderate. Close to the falls you have to clime over a huge rock, and the other trail goes up to the glacier which is quite treacherous.

If I can find any links I can share with information about these areas, I will just be too happy to share them. If you ever pass through town and you wish to scope out some of these places, you can always visit our Tourist Information Center.