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03-14-2015, 04:14 PM
I've wondered, I've used dxo pro optics programs for a while now and never thought of this question until recently. Where dxo uses certain camera and lens based settings to fix the little errors with the equipment, does dxo factor in the built in settings already in the camera. Say I'm using a 6D and a 50mm lens and have the on camera settings enable to correct what it can, if I transfer those pics to dxo, will dxo understand that these pics are already corrected to some degree, or do you know if it will assume nothing has been done and apply settings on its own, effectively over compensating and skewing the image in the other direction. Or does it not matter at all because as long as it is shot as raw image, nothing is saved to it until it is processed anyway. If anyone has done any testing out just know the answer please let me know. I'm going to do my own tests too, but I always enjoy input from people who may be more experienced.

Thank you.