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05-12-2015, 02:16 PM
It's my 4th day in Paris and I wanted to make some notes for others who may want to visit.

- Every square inch of Paris is old and gorgeous - I'm not b.sing you - every friggen squre inch. The laws here have protected its architecture unlike any city I've ever seen.
- Parisians are extremely friendly if you are able to carry on a conversation in French. If you don't speak French you may find them less friendly. Forget all that and get thee to Paris anyway. It's a photographer's wet dream and you'll still be able to get by.
- The Louvre is free for anyone under 26. The exterior grounds of the Louvre are always free and are breathtaking - so far in my lifetime it's like the Grand canyon of museums...this means that no matter what anyone tells you...or no matter how much hype they give...when you get there you will be blown away...unless you're dead inside. It's a masterpiece in and of itself. It's 650,000 square feet and is the most visited museum on planet earth.
- Lodging in Paris is expensive - everything else is (about) on par with what you would expect in a large American or Canadian city - plus or minus 15-20%. Airbnb has good deals on lodging and can make it affordable. It's my 2nd time here and it's cheaper now than what I remembered. .... (London England...that's an expensive city and cannot play at the same poker table as paris in terms of awe imo)
- The subway system is cheap and runs all over Paris. It's modern and fabulous.
- Meals- (I'm travelling alone at this time so I'm not spending too much time in restaurants...because I'm not to fond of eating alone in restaurants...which btw i find affordable). I am staying in Montmartre (fabulous!) which has tons and tons of tourists...and Parisians who live in the same area - If you avoid restaurants altogether you can easily survive on 30. bucks a day or less for 3 meals.
- pets are allowed on buses and subways and in many restaurants.
- Every Parisian smokes cigarettes - they start at the age of 2.
- Overall, Parisians look healthy - Very little obesity here.- - Parisians walk and bike everywhere which is likely why they are thin.
- Traffic is bad here...if you rent a car and go anywhere you will be in traffic.

You could easily spend 1 month in Paris - but I recommend at least 1 week.

Hope this may be helpful to anyone planning a dream photography or regular vacation.

05-12-2015, 06:39 PM
If I could downvote this post, I would!!! How can you visit one of the greatest food cities in the world and not try the cuisine? I would love to visit there and may do it one day (but my wife doesn't fly). Being from Louisiana, everything we do revolves around food, so I am a little bias when it comes to food. I love FINE cuisine!!!

As for lodging, i would love to do the backpack/hostile trip (my wife would definitely not go if I did this).

05-12-2015, 07:12 PM
Went there ... 2 week with airbnb

1 week 90$can night in 2th arrondissement near le louvre.
1 week 80$can night at the bottom of mont marte 100 feet from the moulin rouge.

Dont be afraid to rent a bike !
Eat a ****load of chesse at 2 euro
Wine ... and all the stuff than we consider fancy in canada cost nothing over there ...

You can try the food, whitout going to restaurant each time ... they are expensive in paris.


Opera ceiling

View of notre dame

Mona classic

That bridge


Classic view from the top of the arc the trionphe

05-13-2015, 03:36 AM
sorry AT - you are right paris is famous for food!! I see smell freshness everywhere- breads cakes...and all the smells coming from restaurants.
But i guess I should have mentioned my food footnote in my post. I'm a vegetarian and have not eaten meat or fish for nearly 20 years....so it's just not the same food experience for me as it would be for you.
That said I have been looking at menu items that do include meat fish and the prices imo are affordable for where you are.