View Full Version : From The Archives: A new digital detritus series

03-04-2017, 02:57 PM
Like most of you, I have several hard drives full of STUFF. I recently spent some time organizing a multitude of nested folders on one of these drives into something coherent, including isolating stray examples of photo art and post processing that I created and saved along the way.

In this thread I値l post a selection of my own artsy images and invite you to join in too. If you can remember anything about the treatment you gave the images, great. If not, we値l just enjoy them as they are.

I値l start with this otherworldly window scene collage. I think this would make a nice book cover in the Inspiration genre. It combines three original images I took several years ago into a composite using layers and layer masks. The original window shot was skewed into a flat perspective and the left side window framed restored by cloning the right side.

The storm cloud sky had a bit of lens flare applied to match the location where the window's sun reflection is. The sparse-cloud sky layer was scaled vertically to compress the clouds at the top of the composition. A layer mask was used to blend the cloud images together, and a drop shadow was added to the window layer.

What I like about this piece is the "lucky accident" where it looks like the sunset is coming through the window, but that's actually a reflection from the opposite direction.