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10-01-2020, 02:12 PM
I spent most of the summer close to home. I did mange one day trip out of the city about a month ago. Here are some of the pics.
A) Scenes-BW

10-01-2020, 02:13 PM
Scenes - Colour

10-01-2020, 02:15 PM

10-01-2020, 02:17 PM

10-04-2020, 10:55 AM
Nice to see you out there asnow - Nice varied set.
My faves are the fly and the last frog!

10-04-2020, 12:17 PM
Thanks Marko. It was nice to get out and take some pics. Those frogs were crazy. They were tiny, maybe an inch and a half long and there were thousands of them jumping around; just like a swarm of grasshoppers. I was happy with the fly and frog pictures seeing as I didn't have a macro lens. I rented a 100-400 which is what I used. In fact I liked the lens so much I put in a pre-order for the recently released 100-500 R-mount lens ($3700). Oh well, you can't take your money with you. Lens is in high demand so may be several weeks before I see it.

10-04-2020, 07:18 PM
It is good to see you out there asnow. The frogs are great , especially given their size and the lack of macro lens.

I have heard very good things about the 100-500 RF lens (I assume it is the RF mount - not R mount?)? Martin Bailey did a podcast on it a few weeks ago. What camera are you using at the moment, I didn't know you were working with the RF mount system (I am lusting over the new R5 at the moment).

10-04-2020, 07:34 PM
Thanks Runmonty. I've had the EOS R for just over a year now so I have the RF mount.

10-04-2020, 07:39 PM
Thanks Runmonty. I've had the EOS R for just over a year now so I have the RF mount.

Also I very nice camera I ma told. How are you enjoying the mirrorless system?

10-05-2020, 02:15 PM
I like the first photo in the color scenes set. Nice composition with the reflections and calm water. The photo after that has an interesting cloud pattern in the sky but doesn't show much of that. Also, the last photo in the black and white set might be interesting in color. The light looks really nice there. You are right: you can't take it with you. I say that to myself a lot these days when I want more camera equipment. (And my wife says: But you just bought a new [camera/lens/whatever].