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12-30-2020, 12:41 AM
Hello. This is my first critique post. I hope everyone is well. Just wanted get an opinion on this photo from my late night metro ride. Iím seriously having real trouble judging this shot. It seems you either like it or you donít kind off thing.
Thank you

12-30-2020, 12:44 AM
Oh and this was taken with my Fuji x100v. 35mm. Around 3000 iso. 1/60ss f2.8 crop

12-30-2020, 12:19 PM
Welcome to the forum!
I dig the composition here big time - it's well framed for sure - I love the complementary shapes and lines.
Great perspective. I even dig the muted post-processed tones. Well made mynameisartour!!!!

12-30-2020, 04:56 PM
I too really like the composition of this photo.

It takes a good eye and imagination to make what would otherwise be a mundane scene into an interesting photo. You have done that here.

The framing works well. I really like the the colour palette too.

I have my changed my mind back and forth with the following comment, so be aware it is not a strong opinion and I can see both sides. I think I would like to see a different area of sharp focus. Given the lower light scene you have work with (as evidenced by your camera settings) there is little more you can do to increase depth of field. I wonder how it would look with the the train and lights to be in sharp focus as opposed to the seat arm. You could then make out the train driver's details a little more too and increase the interest in that area of the photo. This is provided that the bench doesn't become so out of focus that it loses its interest.

It probably depends if the main subject is to be the bench with an interesting background, or the train with interesting framing. Like I say I keep changing my mind about this, but it is maybe something to think about.

Notwithstanding this, I think it is a strong photo and I like it.

12-30-2020, 10:58 PM
Thank you, Marko. I appreciate the thought!

12-30-2020, 11:06 PM
Thanks a lot, Runmonty. Appreciate and agree with your feedback.
Looking at this picture two days after I took it, I now realize also what I like about is the abstract swirl shape mixed with a real-time situation of an arriving train.
And, Yes! Ideally it would be terrific if all of the elements were in focus indeed. Maybe f5.6 would have done a better job but I am quite scared to go past 3200 iso on this camera. I will definitely try to reshoot.

12-30-2020, 11:23 PM
what I like about is the abstract swirl shape mixed with a real-time situation of an arriving train.

Agreed- it wouldnt be the same without the curved framing matching the tunnel shape and the rounded corners of the train. Also the curved seat leading the eye to the train