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11-06-2021, 03:06 PM
I recently purchased a new Epson Photo Printer because I wanted to be able to print quality photos. My previous printer (a Brother Laser) is a very good machine, but lasers generally aren't that good for quality photo printing. However, with the laser I was able to print two 5X7 pics, side by side, on one 8.5x11 sheet of paper. I could print several smaller pics on one sheet as well. The Epson doesn't allow me to do that, so If I want two 5x7 pics I must use two full sheets of paper. I called Epson and they said the printer
doesn't have that capability. Seems odd to me. Any thoughts? Am I missing something?

11-07-2021, 02:04 AM
Hi Scotty: Two questions come to my mind: what software are you using to process your photos? Lightroom, for example, has a Print module where you can choose your layout. Are you printing on photo paper? If not, why not? If I want 5X7 prints I crop the photo accordingly in LR and then if I want to print, I use 5X7 photo paper, and print one at a time. Aren't you actually wasting paper printing on 8.5X11 and cutting out the photos? Hopefully you can clarify.

11-07-2021, 02:19 PM
Pretty sure OP is saying he prints 2 5x7 on the same piece of paper.
I'm with mbrager here - Use a graphics software program like free gimp or photoshop to accomplish this task. It's SO much more powerful than printer software.

11-08-2021, 06:12 PM
Yep, image software will be so much better. I'd recommend Darktable as a free option. Resembles Lightroom with a relatively easy learning curve.

11-08-2021, 07:13 PM
KOOL - How is Darktable for cataloging images?

11-10-2021, 12:44 PM
Thanks to all for the feedback. This digital age can be very challenging. Each time you get a new computer, printer, phone etc., navigating all the changes can be daunting. after trying several photo software programs I settled one one that was free and that I felt comfortable with. These programs though have so many features one can easily become discouraged trying to do the simplest of things. So, of course, this software does indeed have it's own printing feature which does allow for several different size options and combinations. Duh!

Yes, I am using photo paper, and yes, printing one 5x7 on an 8x10 is wasteful, hence my question. That is why forums like this are so helpful. Thanks again.

11-10-2021, 04:59 PM
These programs though have so many features one can easily become discouraged trying to do the simplest of things.

If you've not already availed yourself of the tutorials on YouTube, I highly recommend you do. They can be very helpful and just about any software issue is covered in detail. Just ask a specific question in the search bar and you'll probably get an answer that will help.

11-10-2021, 05:04 PM
KOOL - How is Darktable for cataloging images?

Anyone familiar with Lightroom wouldn't be entirely lost in Darktable. I used DT for a while when I gave up my Adobe scrip. But, I'm back with them now so that I have the focus stacking that's available in PS.

11-11-2021, 12:04 PM
I definitely will, thanks.